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RoboKriti India deals with designing, manufacturing, operation and application of automated systems, Robots and computer systems and specialises in control, sensory feedback, and information processing. At RoboKriti.India, we believe quality and reliability are the important virtues which ensure sustainable development of a company, a country and even society as a whole. And thus, quality and reliability are treated as the foundation principles of RoboKriti India.

Alike anything alive, we constantly evolve and improve by innovating and creating solutions to new and exciting problems challenging the industry every day. The idea of creating something new and useful excites us and drives us to work smarter, and when required, harder.

Worker Safety

Offering comprehensive railway worker security services, we ensure strict safety protocols, regular training, and advanced surveillance systems. Our services include providing protective gear, equipment maintenance, and efficient communication channels to safeguard workers and promote a secure railway environment.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Providing infrastructure monitoring services, we utilize advanced technologies like sensors and IoT to track structural health. Our real-time data analysis ensures early detection of potential issues, enhancing safety, optimizing maintenance, and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure assets.

Digital Data Logging

Offering digital data logging services, we provide precise and secure recording of data across various applications. Our solutions ensure real-time data capture, easy retrieval, and reliable storage, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in data management for businesses and researchers

Remote Access

Facilitating remote access to IoT devices, our platform enables seamless monitoring and control from anywhere. With secure authentication protocols and real-time data transmission, users can efficiently manage and optimize IoT devices, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

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Bridge Monitoring

Providing bridge monitoring services, we utilize advanced sensors and real-time data analytics to assess structural integrity. Our system detects early signs of wear and potential failures, ensuring timely maintenance and enhancing the safety and longevity of bridges.

Track Monitoring

Offering track monitoring services, we employ cutting-edge technology to continuously assess rail conditions. Our real-time data analysis identifies potential issues like wear and misalignment, ensuring timely maintenance and enhancing the safety and efficiency of railway operations.

RDPS data Recording

Providing RDPS data recording services, we ensure accurate and reliable capture of remote data. Our system supports real-time monitoring, secure data storage, and easy access, enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency for various industries.

Gradient Measurement and verification

Offering gradient measurement and verification services, we use precise instruments to assess slope angles and elevations. Our accurate data collection and analysis ensure compliance with engineering standards, enhancing the safety and reliability of construction and transportation projects.

Aerial Monitoring

Providing aerial monitoring services, we utilize drones and advanced imaging technology to gather high-resolution data from above. This allows for efficient and comprehensive surveillance of large areas, aiding in environmental assessments, infrastructure inspections, and disaster management.

Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) is the process of exploring new ideas, technologies, and methodologies to innovate and improve existing products or services. It involves systematic investigation, experimentation, and analysis aimed at enhancing efficiency, competitiveness, and market relevance. R&D activities encompass various stages from concept development and feasibility studies to prototype testing and product commercialization, contributing significantly to scientific advancements and economic growth.


Railway ko raash aaya alarm system 'Saathi'

Railway ko raash aaya alarm system 'Saathi'

Sanskaardhani is on track of Technology

Sanskaardhani is on track of Technology

Railways Security

Railways Security

Railway ko raash aaya alarm system 'Saathi'

Railway ko raash aaya alarm system 'Saathi'

Indian Railway accepted products

Indian Railway accepted products

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